dvg_send_traffic.pl [--to mailaddress] [--customer custId] [--last | [--year yyyy] [--month mm]]


dvg_send_traffic.pl sends the trafficsum to the given emailaddress.


The emailaddress of the receiver for the traffic report. If not set, the report is printed to stdout.

If customerIds are given only the traffic of these customer will be included. (optional, multiple)

Generate the trafficreport from the last month (mostly useful in a crontab)

The year of the report. You have to use 4-digit notation. The default is the current year.

The month of the report (01 → januar … 12 → december). There is no default value!

If set, send_traffic.pl is quiet

this page :)

Print the version and revision of this program


There could be some bugs. If you find one (or more) please report it to bugs

This program is Copyright (C) 2005 … 2011 by Ueli Heuer.

It is licensed under the terms of the GPL.

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