SYNOPSIS - add hosts to the DVG config database


 Lists all matching templates [--list regexp ]
 Edit the matching templats [--edit regexp ]
 Add a new host to the dvg [ ... option from below ... ]
       --template  -> (*) host description
       --name      -> (*) full qualified hostname (
       --community -> (*) snmp community
       --location  -> (*) location where the host should added
       --group     -> group where the host should added
       --owner     -> OwnerId;
       --rt        -> asset Tracker ID
   Values with a (*) are mandatory


add a host with predefined devices into DVG. The templates defines some basic features of the host (SNMP version, check this host, is this host activ). The devices are defined in a simmilar way.


Templates are stored in the directory $DVG_HOME/data/template/add_host/.
Empty lines or lines starting with '#' are ignored.
A template looks like following example:

      # $Id:,v 1.5 2007-08-19 22:19:24 ueli Exp $
      # CISCO 1841
      # Host
      # 0:Typ:snmpversion:check:activ:HC:hardware:module
      # Type -> as defined in table host_type
      # Hardware -> as defined in table dvg_hardware(model)
      # Module   -> the device module for this host as defined in dvg_modules(type=host)
      0:Router:snmpv2c:y:y:y:Cisco 1841:device:
      # Interfaces
      # ord -> ordering of the entries
      # name -> the name as shown in the UI
      # probe -> as defined in the table probe
      # activ -> [y|n]
      # HC -> [y|n] (host has HC (64bit counters for the interfaces)
      # params -> additional parameters as need defined in probe_params order as in the database
      5:PING:Ping hostid:y:1:5:0:1:
      10:CPU:CPU (cisco):y:100:102:
      10:Datagram:forwarded Datagrams:y:10000000:10000000:
      10:Memory I/O:memory (cisco):y:2:67108864:67108864:
      10:Memory Process:memory (cisco):y:1:67108864:67108864:
      15:vpdn:vpdn sessions:n:200:
      21:FastEthernet0/0:ifOctet ifError ifDrop ifPacket:y:#FastEthernet0/0:12500000:12500000:y:y:
      25:Serial0/0:ifOctet ifError ifDrop ifPacket:y:#Serial0/0:256000:256000:y:y:
      25:Serial0/1:ifOctet ifError ifDrop ifPacket:y:#Serial0/1:256000:256000:y:y:
      25:Serial0/2:ifOctet ifError ifDrop ifPacket:y:#Serial0/2:256000:256000:y:y:
      25:Serial0/3:ifOctet ifError ifDrop ifPacket:y:#Serial0/3:256000:256000:y:y:


There could be some bugs. If you find one (or more) please report it to bugs

  • you can add hosts without a valid FQDN This'll fail the daemon on restart :-(

Copyright 2004 … 2008 by Ueli Heuer <ueli at dvgtool dot org>

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