Basic Design

Basic Design

to build the physical layout of your network you use the location, host and devices.

The logical layout of your network is build with the DVG Link

Administrators and users can access the devices and links with any CSS 2.0 capable browser.


Location are hierarchically organized. You can organize the location as you like either geographically or any other subject as you like.

The root of the locations is 'Home'.

The order of the locations in a level is controlled by the order-attribute. Entries with the same order value are alphabetically sorted.


A host is connected to a location. Hosts can be grouped into host groups. You can organized host groups hierarchically.

FIXME Handle Metadata on locations/Hosts


A device is connected to a host Devices can be grouped into device groups (since DVG 0.9.4). You can organized device groups hierarchically.

with the links you can build your connections as you build it in reality. You assign a customer, mayby you add a local loop the the devices. The customer - if you create for him a DVG user account - can have a look to his interface.

Local Loop

You may use local loops from different local loop providers. You can manage the loops.

DVG User

DVG has its own user administration. You can assign a user following privileges: guest,user,operator or admin.

  • guest: the user has no additional privileges.
  • user: the user can open his own links.
  • operators: the operators can add links, local loops and they can see all data
  • admin: the admin can in addition to the operators add devices, hosts or locations.

Things to do ...




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